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Corporate Mindfulness and Wellness

Romila Jeevithan shares her expertise by helping individuals and groups create an organizational culture that works for everyone. Having spent over 20 years in the corporate world through various roles at American Express, HSBC, and RBC, she understands the needs of both the employer and employee in their quest for success and balance. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with leaders and employees across various industries.

In today's fast-paced work environment, businesses are working hard to optimize organizational function to meet demanding objectives. Businesses recognize that their human resources are key to their success and are investing in wellness programs to help increase productivity and morale. The best leaders know the importance of inspiring and investing in their teams in order for their organizations to thrive.

IVY helps businesses establish cultures of well-being and purpose by partnering with your business to provide health and wellbeing. Let us show your teams how to clear their mind, engage their teams in productive ways, and find greater satisfaction in their work and life.

Our mission is to help businesses thrive with productive employees who can contribute positively to their workplace, family, and community.


This is what Corporate Mindfulness and Wellness can do for your business and employees:

Company Benefits:

- Increased productivity

- Improved employee morale

- Lowered absenteeism

- Decreased health care costs

- Reduced staff turnover

Employee Benefits:

- Increased energy

- Reduction in stress levels

- Improved posture

- Increased focus and concentration

Our Services

All sessions and workshops customizable to meet your company needs.

Mindfulness Sessions & Workshops

A variety of mindfulness and meditation options are introduced to get your team to reconnect to their mind and body through breathwork and stillness to live a more purposeful and productive life.

Try our "Inner View to Success" workshop, it will transform your business!

Wellness Workshops

Workshops offered on a number of wellness topics.


Contact us to customize your workplace package.

Options include: 100% company paid/ 100% employee paid/ cost sharing